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🐠 5 Best Fish Tank Coffee Tables Reviews, Tips & Guides

The word ‘’fish tank table” may sound strange to many people, but actually it is a trendy way to enjoy your cup of coffee. Imagine sipping your drink and watching your fish at the same time comfortably in your living room. Can you see how cool it is? That is the reason why more and more people are into fish tank coffee tables. Not only does a fish table coffee table add more colors to your room but it also draws attraction of your guests. Then what are you waiting? An aquarium coffee table is a definitely must-have item for your house.

Although the fish tank coffee table has just appeared on the market, there are so many brands that boast about being the best one. To help you avoid confusion over which is the best fish tank coffee table, we have conducted thorough research and accumulated five best aquarium coffee tables. You can read this article to find out the fish tank table that suits your need most.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

🐠 Fish Tank Coffee Table Pros and Cons

If you are interested in having an aquarium table in your home, then you should be aware that it has both pros and cons. Therefore, if you find it delighted to possess one and think the drawback of the table, it is time you made the decision on buying one.

🐠 Fish Tank Coffee Table – Pros

Fish Tank Table Are Naturally Luxurious And Trendy

It goes without saying that having a fish tank table costs you more than buying the standard acrylic and glass aquariums, which, in general, are chosen by those who are on a tight budget. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you can find an aquarium table at a very low price.

However, it is also synonymous with high-end. Definitely. Such an aquarium table looks naturally luxurious and beautifies the whole room. This surpasses even the most beautiful reef tanks. So if you are interested in luxurious items, this aquarium table should not be missed.

The Fish Is Put In The Center Of Your Living Space

Thanks to such a position, your guests will pay close attention to your fish no matter which room you intend to locate your aquarium table. And it is the time to show off your fish. Moreover, this item enables you to take care of the fish better. With the existence of the table in the center of your room, you cannot forget to feed your fish or clean the aquarium. In short, it helps add more convenience to raising fish.

Health Benefits To Possessing A Fish Tank Table

When it comes to the advantages of having an aquarium, there are countless to say. And they are enhanced through the fish tank table as now the fish is more visible and more accessible.

Alleviate Stress

Aquariums act like a lake. So if you are fanatical about tranquility, having a fish tank table is the right choice for you. It creates the feeling of sitting by yourself near the sea and immersing yourself in the ocean waves or listening to the flowing streams.

Owning a fish tank table is thus believed to help alleviate one’s tension and anxiety by more than 10%. Because of this, if you have a fish tank table, you can get all its benefits simply through watching the tank.

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

Apart from the benefits of stress reduction, having a fish aquarium table also contributes much to lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, those who tend to have high blood pressure should opt for a fish aquarium table to make them healthier. By watching the fish and the aquatic world, they will calm down and feel relaxed.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

🐠 Fish Tank Coffee Table – Cons

A Fish Aquarium Does Not Come At A Low Price

In general, it costs you around a few hundred dollars to buy a standard aquarium. However, a fish aquarium of the same size may cost you more than that.

Basically, most of the best fish tank coffee tables come at between approximately 600 dollars and 1500 dollars or even more than that. The moderately-priced one is usually an end table while the more expensive one is a full-size coffee table. For bigger size items such as dining tables, you may have to pay more.

Therefore, this item is not for those who are on a tight budget.

A Large Number of Fish Aquarium Tables Do Not Work With Accessories

Unlike standard aquariums that usually work with accessories to keep them clean, fish aquarium tables seemingly do not work with many accessories. Even air pumps or filter systems are also hard to install.

Cleaning Might Be A Challenge

Needless to say, having an aquarium requires one to clean it on a regular basis. And this is already a chore to many. Think about changing the water and processing cleaning. You may feel reluctant to buy one. Owning a fish aquarium table means the cleaning process takes longer. Those who are not really into the hobby of raising fish or lead a hectic lifestyle should not buy such a table.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

🐠 Top 5 Best Fish Tank Coffee Table Reviews

1. Skrootz Fish Tank Coffee Table Aquarium 25 Gallon Square Shape With Plug-In Power Source

There are many outstanding features when it comes to buying this best fish tank coffee table from Skrootz. First of all, the fish aquarium table has a square shape that can hold 25 gallons of water. It is plug-in power type. The item stores freshwater, so pay attention to the type of fish you intend to raise. There is a stand coming with the package, so you do not have to buy a stand.

This best aquarium coffee table can operate with a warmer. As the water in the table is freshwater, there are many options of freshwater fish for your consideration. Furthermore, the design of the table is very smart, which enables users to move it comfortably and easily. There is also a glaring light located at the base, which adds brightness to your room.

The item weighs 100 pounds. Its measurements include the overall height from top to bottom of 15.5’’, the general width from side to side of 36’’ and the depth from front to back of 36’’.

With these stunning features, this best fish tank coffee table is surely a smart choice.


  • Plug-in power source
  • Suitable for a variety of freshwater fish
  • Comes with a glaring light at the base
  • Water capacity of 25 gallons
  • Can be removed with ease
  • Can be used with a radiator


  • The design is quite simple


2. Midwest 28 Gallon Tropical AquaTable Aquarium Octagon

MIDWEST TROPICAL 28 Gallon AquaTable Aquarium Octagon
  • Unique aquarium
  • Illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel
  • Complete with lighting, extension cord, decorative plants, and filter pump

Another fish aquarium table listed among the best fish tank coffee tables is Midwest Tropical AquaTable Aquarium Octagon. To start with, the table comes with the water capacity of 28 gallons. Thanks to the design of the fish aquarium table enables you to watch your fish from every angle.

Made of acrylic, the tank provides you with a wonderful view of water world. Imagine inviting some friends or relatives for a meal and they all enjoy watching fish through this beautiful tank coffee table. Besides that, the tank is suitable for freshwater, so you can have many options of freshwater fish. The surfaces are made scratchproof and scruff proof so that you can enjoy watching the fish for years without worrying about its quality.

Another highlight that you should not overlook is that the aquarium table is equipped with light beneath. With the blue glass gravel included in the package, you will be amazed at the light shining through the gravel. It is definitely a mesmerizing view. Moreover, the black acrylic pedestal of the table also enhances the beauty of the aquarium.

Finally, this best aquarium coffee table comes with some accessories including filter, plant, blue gravel and lighting, which means you can save quite much money on buying accessories.

The table weighs 56 pounds, but when it is full, it can weigh up to 300-350 pounds, so make sure you choose the appropriate place for it.


  • Equipped with almost everything necessary for a best fish tank coffee table
  • Comes in the perfect size for medium spaces
  • Illumination from under the tank
  • Unique shape, enabling you to watch fish from all angles


  • The glass lid is heavy for some buyers
  • Only suitable for freshwater fish


3. Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium
  • FREE Ground Shipping in the 48 Contiguous US States on all orders!
  • Dimensions: Base: Length: 30" x Width: 30" x Height: 16" - Glass Top: Length: 38" x Width: 38"
  • Innovative, liquid luxury... truly art in motion.

If you are looking for a cheap fish tank coffee table, this Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium is definitely not a choice. However, it is really worth the investment with its outstanding features. First of all, with its octagonal design, this best aquarium coffee table enhances the beauty of your home significantly. The dimensions of the table are 30 x 30 x 16 inches (L x W x H) with the dimensions of the glass top of 38 x 38 inches (L x W). Moreover, the fish tank table can hold up to 40 gallons of water, an impressive amount, which is why it is listed among the largest aquarium coffee table for sale. With the measurements, those who are keen on bigger-size fish would find it a smart choice.

The octagonal design of this best aquarium coffee table enables you to watch your peaceful water world from many sides. Imagine enjoying the aquatic animals and their habitat in the evening after a hard day at work. Don’t you think it is the most relaxing moment?

The main material of the coffee table is acrylic. The top, the base and even the tank itself are made of this durable material. Therefore, you can rest assured that your aquarium table will not go broken with ease. Many excellent accessories are included in the set once you buy the table ranging from a pump, extension cord, lights, artificial plants and filter pump. The light is placed under tank, providing you with illumination from beneath through blue glass gravel.

One thing you should note is that this best aquarium coffee table goes with freshwater only; therefore, it is the perfect choice for those who love freshwater fish.


  • Holds up to 40 gallons, one of the largest coffee table on the market
  • Made of acrylic, a durable material
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Illumination from beneath makes it mesmerizing to watch fish
  • Perfect for freshwater-fish lovers


  • A bit pricey
  • Not suitable for families with small kids or big pets


4. Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table Aquarium Tank

Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table Aquarium Tank
  • Unique aquarium
  • Illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel
  • Complete with lighting, extension cord, decorative plants, and filter pump

The fish tank end table from Midwest Tropical Fountain surely should be mentioned in this list of the best aquarium coffee tables. Despite its small dimensions of 15.5 x 15.5 x 20 inches (L x W x H) and water capacity of 15 gallons, which means big fish is not its target citizens, the fish tank coffee table is a beautiful addition to your home décor. Not to mention, its gallery quality implies that you cannot keep eyes off the mesmerizing aquatic world displayed in the table.

When it comes to the material, this fish tank end table is made of high-quality acrylic, which is well known for its durability and scratch proof characteristic. Therefore, you can rest assured that your fish tank table will last for years. If that is not enough, then one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer definitely makes you worry-free. Once you buy this fish tank coffee table, you will receive light, filter, ornamental plants, blue glass gravel, all of which are included in the set. So you do not have to look elsewhere for accessories.

One thing you should pay attention to is that this best aquarium coffee table goes with freshwater environment only, so you should only opt for fish living in freshwater habitat. This might be a drawback, but for those who are keen on freshwater fish, this would be perfectly fine.


  • A wonderful addition to home décor
  • Small enough for cramped space
  • Gallery quality
  • Made of high-grade acrylic
  • All necessary accessories are included in the set


  • The light is not bright enough
  • Cannot be used with a heater


5. 60 Gallon Rectangular Coffee Table Aquarium with Pump, Light, Filter, and Completely Fish Ready

The next best aquarium coffee table is Aqua Vim 60 gallon rectangular coffee table. This wonderful table can be placed next to your sofa, or even your bed. Since it comes in black, it can match any background easily. One interesting feature of this coffee table is that it comes with sufficient accessories including pumps, lights and filter system. These accessories are skillfully built in the table. As for the material, Aqua Vim is a well-known brand for its glass aquariums. Having this fish tank coffee table made of glass, you will not worry about scratches when cleaning the tank.

This aquarium table will give you relaxing moments after tiring working hours. The built-in filtration system enables you to watch your fish and the water world all year long with ease. The table comes with additional sockets located in the columns so that you can plug in the heater or air pump. Each side of the tank top is equipped with LED strip light that is half white, half blue, providing your fish with adequate lighting apart from its aesthetical feature. The product comes with a full package, so you simply prepare water and fish and then plug into the electric outlet. Now it is ready for you to enjoy the water world in your room.

The dimensions of the aquarium table are 48 x 21 x 24 inches. With the glass top, the dimensions are 50 x 28 x 21 inches.


  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Made of glass, so the table is scratch proof
  • Half white, half blue LED strip light placed at each side of the tank top
  • Can be used with saltwater


  • You should check out the shipping rates carefully


🐠 Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Fish Tank Coffee Table?

With so many best fish tank coffee tables available on the market and their outstanding features, you may want to buy one so that you can enjoy the aquatic world days and nights. However, doing some research into the buying guide will help you have a better insight into this kind of products and thus make a wise decision. Here we already prepare some factors you should take into account when it comes to buying the best aquarium coffee tables for your home or office.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Different Materials of Fish Tank Coffee Tables

Fish aquarium table comes in many different shapes, forms and dimensions. Therefore, take a look at different types of fish tank coffee tables and then you can understand which is the most suitable table for your home.


Glass is undoubtedly the most effective material when it comes to seeing through the aquatic creatures and their habitat. Moreover, the idea of choosing the best fish tank coffee table made of glass is also a brilliant way to enhance the beauty of your room whether it is your living room or office. With the blue gravel coming with the table set, you can have plenty of options of fish, but I would suggest going for goldfish or tropical fish as their color could match the colors of the aquatic world full of ornamental plants and gravel perfectly.

Although the best fish tank coffee table made of glass can bring great aesthetic appeal to your living space, there is one thing you should take into account when buying this kind of coffee table: glass is fragile; therefore, it might be vulnerable and cannot resist shocks well. Not to mention, glass is not an ideal insulation material, which means it cannot bear the changes of temperature and thus result in your fish being harmed.

Wooden Frame

A fish tank coffee table covered by wood is a more better alternative to glass one. Some products come with top sides that are made from wood, which is definitely a plus.


Some of the best fish tank coffee table are made of acrylic, which is famous for its durability. As it provides owners with transparency that makes it similar to glass, the best aquarium coffee table made of acrylic ensures you have a fish tank coffee table that can last for years.

Shapes of The Best Fish Tank Coffee Tables

Just like materials, the shape of a fish aquarium table is also important. It affects the way you enjoy your fish and their habitat.


For homeowners that have a small area, a cubic aquarium coffee table for sale is the perfect choice. Not only does it help you save space, but it is also a cheap fish tank coffee table. You can choose a cube-shaped fish tank coffee table that is framed with wood or high-quality plastic such as acrylic to make the table sturdier and more solid.


The best aquarium coffee table that has a hexagonal design enables you to watch your fish and the aquatic world from different angles. Moreover, such a hexagonal aquarium table tends to come in large size, meaning that you can have a larger volume of tank and thus you can have more fish living in the tank.


🐠 How To Install The Best Fish Tank Coffee Table?

As the best aquarium coffee table is not simply a piece of furniture in your home, installing it requires you to make some effort. Learning how to install it ensures you have no difficulty in this job.

  • You should not locate the fish tank table next to a window as being exposed to natural light is not good for your tank.
  • If you want to make sure the vibration of the walls of the coffee table is minimized when putting an item on the top of the aquarium coffee table, remember to use a tablecloth.
  • When cleaning your best aquarium coffee table, bear in mind that detergent must not be used. Otherwise, your fish will be harmed.
  • Your best fish tank coffee table is usually placed in the center of the room where there are many people going around and devices are put. You should make sure that your table is placed away from your electronic devices such as TV.
  • You should not shake your tank, or it will kill your fish.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

🐠 Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Add Real Plants To The Fish Tank Coffee Table?

In general, best aquarium coffee tables come with LCD light at the bottom, so that you can enjoy the effect of illumination from beneath. However, this also means that you should use real plants, such as coral reef as the table is not supposed to support the growth of the plants.

How Safe Is It To Use A Fish Tank Coffee Table?

It is important to take security factor into account when it comes to buying an aquarium table. Despite being made of high-grade quality or durable material such as acrylic, such aquarium coffee tables can still be scratched or broken. Besides, sitting on the top of the table may scare the fish and cause noise, which, undoubtedly harms them no matter how well the coffee table is structured.

What Is The Suitable Size of The Best Fish Tank Coffee Table?

First of all, you have to think about where you would like to place the coffee table. Then, the size of the room determines the space you can allocate to a table. For example, a small cozy living room goes well with a cubic fish tank coffee table while a spacious room is an ideal place for your octagonal aquarium.

What Fish Can I Have For A Fish Tank Coffee Table?

There are some factors in choosing the appropriate fish for your coffee table. To begin with, the majority of fish tank coffee table can be used with freshwater rather than salt water. Therefore, you should think about fish living in freshwater habitat. Furthermore, aquarium coffee tables, even the largest one, go well with small or medium fish. Therefore, choosing big fish is not a wise decision. The kind of fish is also significant. Certain fish, for example, tropical ones, require warmth to survive. So if your tank table cannot go with supportive accessories, for instance, a heater, raising this kind of fish is a big challenge. Finally, going for fish that love eating algae as this will help clean your tank. Not only do the fish ensure your fish tank coffee table look always new and nice, but they also come at a very reasonable price.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

🐠 Conclusion,

A fish tank coffee table is an interesting idea. Not only does having one enable you to watch your little fish and their aquatic habitat comfortably after a hard day at work, but the table also acts as an excellent addition to your home décor. Your guests will immediately turn their attention to the coffee table once they step in your room. Those who are fish enthusiasts will find it superb convenient to both raise fish in such a tank and have a place to sip their drink. With these undeniable advantages, there is no doubt that you should have an aquarium coffee table in your home or your office.

Nevertheless, as there are many brands that boast themselves the best fish tank coffee tables, choosing the right one that suits all your needs is arguably confusion. Therefore, through this detailed review, we hope you now have found the fish tank coffee table that is most suitable for your living space and soon enjoy the relaxing moments brought by this small device.

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