If You Care About Your Coffee, Then You Should Know How to Store Coffee Beans

How to Store Coffee Beans? Read to get Tips

Making coffee needs coffee seed and to store them you need a perfect thing that can do the job well. Now the question is how to store coffee beans when you don’t know what is needed, right? Perfect coffee beans will give the authentic and richness of coffee scent and flavor.

So, before jumping to where to place the coffee seeds, you want to know what type of packaging you should do with them when they turn out to be outdated.

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How to Store Coffee Beans


Which Type Of Package You Should Use?

Most of the time coffee beans are stored in the same package which you brought from the supermarket. In that case, it can be a plastic bottle, ceramic, cans or glass. Read down below to find the different storing benefits and disadvantages.

Paper Bags

The most common technique of packaging is a paper bag with a ziplock and valve. This type of paper bag is good for storing coffee beans.

First of all, it won’t be able to shift the odors to coffee which is really essential. As coffee beans can easily absorb harsh odors so the paper bags play a good model to secure.

Second of all, the paper bag never allows air to pass through with the help of the presence of a valve to make sure gases are far away from the fresh beans.

Next thing is, it can be warped and remove excess air from it which helps it to stay fresh longer. Also, the paper bag reduces the trouble of rust of essential oils inside the beans.

Last of all, it keeps coffee beans from sunlight and damp.

Ceramic and Glass Jars

If you can’t find paper bags to secure coffee seeds, it’s better to put it on a ceramic. Yet, you should consider the tight-fitting so that the air won’t enter from the cap.

This type of storing tools doesn’t allow coffee odors to transfer and keeps it away from moisture. If you use a glass jar, make sure it is opaque or stored permanently in a dark place.

Even though it’s the second option besides paper bags, it still has some faults too. You can store coffee beans in them at least for some days after roasting so that it ensures no trouble of gases.

Plastic and Metal Pots

The last way to store coffee beans is plastic or metal pots. As plastic and metal pots can shift poor aftertaste to coffee, they are the least ideal option.

Where to Store Coffee Beans?

After learning each of the packagings of coffee beans, you may need to know where to store them. So, let’s get into someplace to store coffee grounds or beans so that you can drink daily:


For those who tend to drink coffee almost daily, the best place to store is the usual cupboard. It’s great to give protection from light, moisture, and heat to keep the coffee beans stay healthy.

Also, the cupboard has a good temperature to allow no transfer of air. If using a see-through container, you should use a cabinet so that the sunlight doesn’t expose the coffee beans.

Do I Need To Cold Coffee Beans?

The most suitable place to store coffee seeds needs to cool though so that the sunlight won’t come in contact with the fresh coffee beans.

In that case, you can put the coffee beans in a cabinet or pantry so that it will be located far away from the heat and moist. It as well as make sure no air to enter for.

What if you are living in cold weather? If so, you should do the opposite direction by putting the coffee beans close to a fireplace or oven.

Is It Fine To Store Them In Freezer?

If you are storing coffee beans for a longer period of time, it’s better to put them into a freezer. As for long-standing storage space, the freezer is a good option.

To help you out, most professional chefs suggested freezing the coffee seeds at once after roasting. If not doing in the right way, your freezing process will not result in the vital shelf life for coffee.

Many people also shared freezing coffee seeds that need fast roasting and after roasting it should be directly kept into the freezer so that no sunlight contacts the surface.

Final Thoughts

In the end, storing coffee seeds means how you are taking care of it when it needs attention and care. As we all know the better the coffee beans stay the better its taste and smell.

After getting how to store coffee beans, you need to keep them fresh for as soon as possible which are totally not that urgent.

It actually depends on the brought coffee seeds quality to last longer with simple storing techniques. I hope you store coffee beans in the right way. Good luck!

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