Nespresso Essenza Mini [Delonghi or Breville?]

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is an Associate in a nursing automatic pod-based coffee maker. Thus, this machine is right for busy low addicts preferring to induce their espresso indefinite-quantity handily. they are doing not wish to pay an excessive amount of time on getting ready their java or cleansing up once use.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini Review: Who it is for?

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is additionally compact. For people who don’t want to dissever an outsized area on their room work surface for his or her espresso machine, this can be one in all the littlest coffee makers within the market.

If the budget is one in all your priorities, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is priced very affordably.

7 Benefits of the Nespresso Essenza Mini

1. It is a really REALLY Compact Nespresso Machine

The Nespresso Essenza Mini isn’t any doubt that it’s one among the tiniest espresso machine within the market. it’s an extremely little footprint of regarding four.3 inches by eight.1 inches. Its height is just 12.8 inches. Its compact and sleek style has additionally won the Red style Award in 2017

If you’re like ME with several room appliances on the kitchen work surface, you may love this coffee maker too. With such a tiny low size and a light-weight weight of five.1 pounds, you’ll even favor to store it away within the cabinet once use. In fact, you’ll even bring this moveable Nespresso coffee maker on travel.

2. It is easy to use and fast

We all need to pay very little time and energy within the room once it involves the morning rush for work. removing time to create low is actually a luxury. However, we have a tendency to can’t do while not our morning alkaloid dose.

With the Nespresso Essenza mini, it is very efficient to make espresso. It heats up to the optimal espresso temperature of less than half a minute.

Being a pod-based espresso machine, there is no need to deal with the messy coffee powder. All it takes is to pop in the espresso capsule and press just one button to choose either espresso or lungo.

The coffee maker then takes over to prepare your espresso. There is no need to standby the espresso maker as the machine will stop automatically once the preset drink volume is reached.

3. The espresso tastes great!

With its nineteen bar pressure pump, java extraction will turn up at the best espresso pressure. this can permit the utmost extraction of the flavors and aromas within the java capsule throughout production. the top result’s a delicious and made crema layer on top of your java.

4. You can override your preferred espresso volume!

The coffee maker comes with a planned drink volume for coffee and lungo choices. If you like to own a distinct drink volume, you’ll simply re-program the drink volume for these 2 drink choices.

Basically, simply put on the machine. Once its lights are steady, pour water into the tank and place your cup underneath the occasional outlet. Then hit either the coffee or lungo button, whichever one you would like to re-program the drink volume for. And hold on to the button till your most popular drink volume is reached. It’s that easy.

The cup stand is additionally removable. that the coffee maker will accommodate the tiny coffee cup or a bigger mug.

5. There’s no complicated cleaning or maintenance involved

Cleaning up when use is simple.

With a pod-based coffee maker, there’s no ought to close up occasional powder. After use, simply eject the used capsule into the capsule instrumentality. The used capsule containers will store up to six used capsules. thus you’ll even wait a couple of days before a desire to clear the used product.

The tank, drip tray, drip grid are all simply removable for laundry. For the surface of the coffee maker, merely clean it with a moist textile.

To clean the metal buildup within the tank, descaling needs to be done sporadically. However, the descaling efforts isn’t a lot of, because of the assistance of the Nespresso descaling agent.

Basically, when remotion the drip receptacle, drip base, and used capsule instrumentality, pour the agent into the tank and add some water. Then hold the coffee and lungo buttons for five seconds. once the LEDs blink, press the lungo button once more. The machine can then begin to empty the tank and deliver the descaling resolution out of the occasional outlet. It’s very easy. when a couple of times, I will even hit the books the eleven steps within the manual.

6. It saves energy

The  Nespresso Essenza mini espresso maker is additionally energy economical. It mechanically powers off once nine minutes of non-use. In fact, in the third minute, it’ll begin to use lower energy consumption. therefore you don’t have to be compelled to worry that you simply forgot to modify off your machine once you leap out for add the morning.

If nine minutes is just too quick, you’ll be able to conjointly change it to half-hour.

7. You get a complimentary Nespresso Capsule Package

This coffee machine comes with a sixteen Original line Nespresso capsule package as a present. This package covers the spread of capsules. this may enable you to savor the various style and choose those of your feeling before ordering in bulk.

Potential Shortcomings of the Essenza Mini

Smaller water tank

Its tank will solely interruption to zero.6 liters. little question this may still cause you to variety of espressos. however after you are serving guests, you’ll build some visits to the sink to refill your water. Guess what there’s invariably a trade-off. during this case for the compact size.

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Nespresso Essenza Mini by Delonghi and Breville: What’s the difference?

Although the Nespresso Essenza mini is created by 2 completely different corporations, the specifications are equivalent. the sole distinction lies within the style. (In US, the two styles of Essenza mini is created by Breville and Delonghi severally. In UK, they’re created by Krups and Magimix respectively)

The Nespresso Essenza mini created by Delonghi is a lot of ancient. it’s a boxlike form and is just accessible in a pair of ancient colors – piano black and pure white.

In distinction, the Nespresso Essenza mini created by Breville contains a curvy style and a lot of rounded edges. Besides black, it’s additionally accessible in daring colors – lime and red.

Although they need completely different style, their dimensions differ solely a touch. The Breville version contains a footprint of four.33 inches by eight.07 inches whereas the Delonghi version has four.3 inches by eight.1 inches. Their heights are an equivalent at twelve.8 inches.

Personally, I favor the red one created by Delonghi because it appears a lot of fun and offers my area a full of life bit.

Differences between Nespresso Essenza Mini vs Inissia

Essenza or Inissia? Which is better?

Essenza is actually an associate degree upgraded version of Inissia. In fact, Inissia has already been out of print though you’ll still realize some balance stock being oversubscribed on-line.

Comparing each of them, Essenza is actually the higher choice.

And here are the reasons:

  • smaller
  • quieter
  • more energy economical
  • better wanting

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Should I buy Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Maker?

The Nespresso Essenza mini is one extremely compact and sleek coffee maker. Despite its size, it produces pretty sensible crema. the standard of java might not be love manufactured by a better finish espresso machine just like the Gaggia or Rancilio espresso manufacturers. However, it’s pretty shut.

The design is intuitive and simple to use. there’s solely a pair of buttons for the 2 drink choices. there’s no have to be compelled to tamper dregs or knock out used occasional pucks. simply squeeze a capsule and press a button. And you have got created AN java with barely of the button. and everyone this takes place in precisely a handful of minutes.

And better of all, this automatic pod-based espresso maker is cheap with a value below two hundred bucks. Hopefully, this Nespresso Essenza mini-review has helped you to create your call now!

What Is A Nespresso Machine?

Although Nespresso has been around for years, it’s recently gained popularity because of the introduction of the Vertuoline. But what exactly is a Nespresso machine? How does it work? What are these pods everyone seems to be talking about? Here’s the low-down on everything you need to know before you buy your first machine!

A pod coffee system is basically just that – a capsule filled with ground coffee beans. When inserted into the machine, water is forced through under pressure, infusing the coffee into the surrounding air and creating an espresso shot. The empty pod then gets ejected into a bin or recycling tray where it can later be disposed of. This process makes brewing as easy as pushing a button. All you’ve got to do is pour water in, pick your size (an espresso shot or lungo), and hit the button!

How Much Does A Nespresso Machine Cost?

An entry-level machine will cost you about $100, whereas a top-of-the-line model can set you back over $1,000. As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. The more expensive machines will last longer and make better coffee. For example, the Pixie model is a popular choice among Nespresso fans because it’s easy to use and affordable at only $170. But do keep in mind that even though they may seem like cheap coffee makers at first glance, pod systems can add up if you’re a daily coffee drinker!

Although it’s never a bad idea to buy new when it comes to appliances or electronic devices, some manufacturers actually sell refurbished models. This means that while brand new machines have never been used these have been returned by customers within the time frame allotted by the warranty. Once refurbished, they’re inspected and cleaned up before being sold again at a lower price than full-price. Plus, buying refurbished also gives you the option to buy machines that are out of production or otherwise hard to find!

Which Type Of Coffee Should I Use For My Nespresso Machine?

This is probably the most common question people ask when they first get their machines. The answer? It really depends on what you like! There are currently over 40 different varieties of coffee pods available, all with varying characteristics and flavors. Most brands will put out at least 6-8 different blends (light, medium, dark roasts) in order to accommodate everyone’s taste preference.

However you choose to go about it, it’s important that you experiment as much as possible before deciding on a particular type to stick with. In fact, I recommend trying as many as possible – not only because it’s fun, but also because some pods taste better than others depending on the machine used. For example, darker roasts tend to yield better results in the Pixie than in Nespresso’s more expensive machines.

What Kind Of Coffee Should I Buy For My Nespresso Machine?

Even if you’re not into coffee, this is probably something you’ve wondered about at least once before buying a pod system. You may have even talked yourself out of it because of it. Don’t let this happen to you! There are plenty of options available, including top-quality brands like Lavazza and Illy. And although some manufacturers do recommend using their own brand of pods over others, from my experience it really comes down to personal preference – so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Finally, keep in mind that machine-specific pods will only work on those made by the same manufacturer. However, most other brands will produce compatible pods that can be used in any machine. So when in doubt, just ask the customer service department of the company you’re buying from and they’ll do their best to help!

What Is The Nespresso Machine Good For?

In a nutshell, pod systems are great for those who want an easy way to enjoy quality coffee from the comfort of their own homes. They’re especially wonderful for those who have busy lifestyles because they allow you to make a single cup without having to mess around with filters and other inconveniences. There’s also the fact that Nespresso machines are fairly compact and sleek, so they won’t hog too much counter space or look out of place in smaller kitchens.

If you do have a slightly larger kitchen, however, I’d recommend getting one of their bigger models, as these can accommodate larger cups (like travel mugs) and produce beverages up to 30% faster than some of the smaller models! Oh, and before I forget – did you know that Nespresso also has a recycling program for used pods? Just bring your used coffee/cocoa capsules to a drop-off point and they’ll be recycled into new pods!

So now that you know a little bit more about pod systems, why not pick one up for yourself? There are plenty of different models available (and many refurbished options), so it won’t be very hard to find something that suits your needs. And remember – there’s no need to limit yourself to just the official Nespresso machines. Many other manufacturers offer compatible capsule machines at much lower prices, like the Pixie I mentioned earlier. Plus, if you’d rather use ground coffee instead of pods check out the Aeropress or French press!

Where Can I Buy A Nespresso Machine?

As far as where to buy one goes, well that depends on what country you’re in! However, if you go to their official website and just keep scrolling down until you see the ‘locator’ section, then put in your postal code it should bring up any authorized dealers that may be near you! Just remember that there’s no better way to buy one than in person, so keep that in mind if you do have to pay for shipping.

So now that I’ve given you a little background about what pod systems are, let’s talk about something everyone’s been wondering about – just how good are these things anyway? Well after doing some research on them I can safely say that yes, Nespresso machines are worth their price. They’re not just high-quality machines either – they also produce high-quality coffee! So much so that many of their varieties have actually won awards at world coffee tasting championships! And even if it doesn’t win any awards, all of its capsules contain 100% Arabica beans (which is generally regarded as the highest quality). But what about the taste? Well, I’m happy to report that all of their beverages come out tasting great. For instance, if you want something sweeter you can try their vanilla or caramel roasts, which are full-bodied and slightly sweet. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a less intense flavor then perhaps their dark roast varieties will suit your needs better (which have rich flavors but still retain some acidity).

Why Should I Get A Nespresso Machine Instead Of Using My Coffee Maker?

Well for starters, pod systems make coffee a lot more convenient. In fact, it’s almost as easy as making tea! All you have to do is pop in a capsule and wait for your drink to come out. Plus they’re really compact, so unlike traditional coffee makers where counter space is limited, you can easily stow away these bad boys in a corner when not in use.

But apart from that, there are also other advantages pod machines have over using an old-fashioned brewer like drip or French press (which I’ll go into detail about below). For example, let’s say that you want to start your day with Caramel Macchiato first thing in the morning – instead of having to worry about leaving some water on your counter overnight to heat up or going through the hassle of boiling some, all you have to do is pop in a pod and ta-dah! You’ll have your coffee seconds later. And as far as cleaning one of these machines goes – it couldn’t be any easier. All you need to do is activate the cleaning program (which only takes about 3 minutes), and then let it dry for about 10 minutes afterward. After that simply throw on a drop of dishwashing liquid and fill it with water, press ‘cappuccino’ three times and voila – you’re done!

So yeah, if convenience is something you value then I’d say that Nespresso machines will certainly make life easier for you. Not only will they reduce the amount of time you spend making a cup, but they’ll also reduce the amount of money. See, most capsules cost between $0.45 and $0.70 cents per serving. And even if you’re on a tight budget, Nespresso’s website has some great coupons that you can use to get discounts on your pods!

Why Is A Nespresso Machine Better Than Using Other Brewers?

Besides the fact that pod machines are more convenient than using drip or coffee makers, another thing to consider is just how much better their drinks come out. For instance, their capsules contain 100% Arabica beans (as opposed to 50%) which reduces acidity to give you a smoother taste. And if you want your drink hotter then it’ll only take 30 seconds of heat-up time for your beverage to reach optimal temperature! Plus since they’re made from stainless steel they’re not only durable but will also keep your coffee hot for hours on end, so whether you’re super busy or just can’t stomach drinking cold beverages Nespresso machines will definitely suit your needs well.

Lastly, there’s the fact that at least with Nespresso capsules you won’t have to worry about drinking any rancid or low-quality coffee. In fact, most reviewers say that their stuff tastes as good, if not better than some of the specialty cafes out there! And if you want more variety then don’t worry – because Nespresso has plenty of different products and flavors for you to choose from (including many seasonal ones).

If After A While My Nespresso  Machine Suddenly Quits Working Should I Just Throw It Out?

No…because chances are it just needs some TLC. For instance, let’s say that after a while your machine stops working and you’re wondering whether or not to buy another one. Well before making such a decision why not try out these simple repairs ? For example, if your machine’s pump isn’t working it might be because of a few different reasons – like the fact that you need to clean it or maybe replace its air filter. And if you don’t want to go through all that hassle and expense then another thing worth trying is just making sure that the actual pod holder is securely in place before turning on your appliance.

Lastly I’d also say that sometimes error messages mean nothing (or at least not as much as people think). After all, most capsule systems can give you false readings (especially when they’re low on water) so always remember to check your instruction manual for any relevant typos and fixes!

Why Are Nespresso Machines So Expensive?

Well for starters I think that most of us can agree that it’s not just the machine itself that’s expensive – but the pods as well. And if we’re being frank there’s a reason why pod prices are so high. After all, if you’re going to be buying high-quality beans then unfortunately you need to pay more for them (although many say that their capsules do taste better than some of those more pricey roasts).

But another thing worth mentioning is the fact that these machines aren’t built cheaply. For example, despite its small size and simple design, each of Nespresso’s models has been created with expert craftsmanship and then tested to ensure that it works properly. And since these machines are built to be used for small businesses, hotels, and bars – they definitely need to be made with durability in mind.

And lastly, we can also attribute some of their high costs to Nespresso’s patented system which gives users bigger cups of caffeine in less time. See, unlike most pods that have a capacity of 6-8 grams per serving, these capsules hold 10 -12 grams each so you’ll always get more bang for your buck when using them!

Plus don’t forget about all the money you’re saving on coffee shop visits. After all, if you buy two servings from somewhere like Starbucks every day then after just three weeks your machine will have paid for itself.

But it’s also worth mentioning that although these machines are expensive you shouldn’t start feeling as if you’re paying too much (or maybe even think about buying a cheaper model). Why? Well firstly because as previously stated these pods aren’t cheap either. And secondly, they’re definitely not just for people who have loads of cash to spend – since they’ve been designed to be affordable for everyone.

What Are Some Easy Recipes To Make With Your Nespresso Machine?

If you’re looking for some simple recipe ideas then try out these five recipes! Plus there are also countless other formulas that you can find on the Nespresso website, or by searching around online.

Finally, if you want to get creative then I’d say start with what you know – after all even if it’s just plain ol’ hot chocolate, at least you’ll be able to enjoy it again and again without getting bored!

For more kitchen inspiration don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page and follow us on Facebook.

And lastly, remember that your comments might just help someone else with their coffee-related decisions! So feel free to leave questions or topics that you’d like covered in future articles, either below or at our social media pages.

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Where Can I Find A Cheap Nespresso Machine?

With the recent popularity of pod-style one-cup coffee makers, finding cheap Nespresso machines has become easier than ever. While some models still carry hefty price tags (especially on the higher end), there are some great deals out there on entry-level models starting at around $80. Just remember that if you want to be able to easily find replacement pods then make sure you buy from an authorized dealer since copycat pods carry more risk than they do…

Finally while shopping around for machines don’t forget to consider the different features each model has to offer. Some might include a built-in milk frother which can be especially useful for making specialty drinks at home. So make sure you know what you want before buying one of these units, and if possible try the machine out before you commit since having a good user experience is key when it comes to enjoying your new machine!

  • Inside Knowledge On Cheap Nespresso Machines

We’ve given some really great tips here on finding cheap Nespresso machines. First off we recommended shopping around as well as comparing prices from multiple authorized dealers both online and locally. And second, we reminded readers not to forget about looking into any additional features that a particular unit may have – after all, more features usually mean you’ll be getting more bang for your buck!

How Do You Clean Your Nespresso Machine And What Type Of Water Should You Use When Brewing Coffee? 

When it comes to making great coffee at home, cleanliness is important. And with pod-style machines like the nespresso there are usually no removable parts you need to clean after each use. So that means that you can simply wipe down the outside of your unit once you’re done brewing that morning cup of coffee!

But when it does come time for a more thorough cleaning be sure to use only bottled water since hard tap water can cause mineral build-ups which affect performance. For example, if you run out of bottled water mid cycle and don’t have any other option then fill up an extra container so you can finish brewing before switching back to normal water to finish the cleaning process.

And when it comes to descaling there are usually instructions that come with each unit and vary by manufacturer and design. So if you’re unsure about what to do after reading the manual don’t worry, because we’ll give all of our tips in detail below for any model out there!

Tips To Keep Your Nespresso Machine Clean, Running Smoothly And Extend Its Life

Because pod-style machines like the nespresso can be used everyday there are specific guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. For example some models have an automatic power off function which is great for safety, but also means you should turn it on before you go to bed so it’s ready in the morning.

Plus if your machine has a milk frother then make sure to follow any manufacturer-recommended guidelines when using. That said however all you usually need to do is fill up the water reservoir with bottled water before each use since tap water can lead to mineral build-ups which affect performance, just remember not to ruin your cup by accidentally dumping out any leftover milk or coffee!

But there’s more to cleaning your unit than just the inside and outside, some machines like this Breville model also have removable drip trays which can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. And that means you’ll need to clean it at least once per week, but again how often depends on how often you use your machine.

So if it’s past time for your weekly cleaning then simply unplug the unit, pop out the tray along with any other parts that are removable, and give them all a good scrub down in soapy water. Then dry off each piece and reassemble everything before plugging back in and turning on.

And don’t worry about damaging anything because none of these components are delicate, just remember that you should never use liquid cleaners or steel wool because they could damage the finish over time.

But what about the insides? Well if you have a model like this DeLonghi then it’s best to consult your user manual for specific instructions on how to descale. Since depending on your water quality and usage there are different ways to get rid of mineral build-ups which shorten the life of your machine.

That said there are some general guidelines that can apply across the board, for example just fill up an empty water reservoir with white vinegar and brew through a full cycle without any coffee inside, then simply dispose of the vinegar and rinse out the unit before completing another cycle with clean water only. That will tell you whether descaling is even necessary or not since it depends on your personal water quality.

Plus some units have built-in water filters which are very effective at keeping hard minerals out, so for those models, you may not need to descale at all. But again just follow the manufacturer-recommended guidelines for replacing the filter if there’s one included.

Whatever the case, remember that it’s normal for any machine to make some gurgling sounds or hissing noises because they all do that as part of the brewing process. So don’t worry about any strange sounds you hear if everything seems fine with your unit otherwise!

But if something does happen then there is usually a warranty in place to take care of any problems, Nespresso machines are no exception so if you do run into any trouble then contact the company directly for warranty information.

And of course please keep our site updated about your personal experiences with specific models, because we’ll be adding more reviews and buying guides for additional machines over time. Plus feel free to ask any questions or concerns that you might have, or just leave some general feedback in the comment section below!

Do You Need An Espresso Cup Holder For Your Nespresso Machines Because It Doesn’t Come With One Included In The Box?

Have you ever left your machine on the counter accidentally, or found yourself running late for work and wasting precious minutes fiddling with the cups?

If so then we might have a solution for you!  The answer is yes and no. But before we delve into the reasons why it’s important to read this article in its entirety:  there may be some things you didn’t know about your unit that were never mentioned in any manuals.

All Nespresso machines are designed with built-in safety features that will shut off automatically once the water runs out. That means they’re very good at preventing spills as well as burn injuries, but sometimes I still find myself worrying about leaving my morning espresso all day by accident…

And after doing some research I’ve found that there are indeed automatic cup holders for Nespresso machines, although still very few models on the market today. But more and more of them seem to be appearing every month, especially among the new wave of super-automatics.

So we decided it was important to compare and contrast some of these professional cup holders with traditional home models and see which one might actually be right for your needs:

The first thing you should know is that pretty much all cup size options fall into either standard or venti sizing, so if you already have a favorite mug then it will probably fit on any model without trouble.  Plus there’s also an included measuring spoon inside of each pod, so just one spoonful of coffee beans is enough to get you started.

But not all machines are created equal when it comes to size, some will only work with narrow mugs while others can accommodate travel cups or even full-sized jugs!

Why Do Some People Say The Quality Of Coffee Is Better With A Nespresso Machine Than Using Your Own Coffee Beans And An Espresso Machine?

Many people prefer to use their own coffee beans in an espresso machine instead of using pods, but is it really cheaper?

I tried to do some research on this so I could find out if spending more than $100 for a Nespresso machine is really worth it. I’m not sure if there’s any particular reason, but the best place to start seemed to be comparing the company’s prices against other brands that sell similar products. Well actually that was difficult since most brands only seem to offer one or two models, which makes finding exact comparisons about their pricing very difficult indeed.

So what happens to the price for each 100g of coffee?

Well that depends on which brand you’re buying and how much it weights, but it looks like this:

Espresso pods: $0.20 per 100 grams

Ground coffee: $0.28 per 100 grams

Coffee beans (brand unknown): $0.30 per 100 grams

Nespresso capsules (brand unknown): $0.87 per 100 grams!

And if we compare Nespresso prices against other brands then things get even worse…

Price comparison between Nespresso capsules and other leading brands…

– The coffee itself has an excellent crema, but it’s way too strong in my opinion. It’s like drinking straight espresso without any milk or sugar added.

– Contrary to what I expected after reading the earlier review, I found that these pods work perfectly with my Aeropress coffee maker. I just heat up the water till it starts steaming, then I pour it over the top and push it through. Sometimes there’s a little bit of coffee grinds left in the bottom afterwards but not always.

– The capsules are actually very easy to use, although they only seem to produce good results when you use them with an automatic espresso machine like this one.

Do Nespresso Machines Make Good Gifts?

There was a time when I thought that these machines made the perfect gifts for people who enjoy drinking coffee or espresso on a regular basis, but then everything changed after I took a closer look at their prices…

– On paper they seem like great presents to give but you can imagine how upset someone would be if they were given something like this as a present and discovered that it didn’t work properly.- And speaking from experience here, there’s nothing, etc. But the only one on this damn machine is the one that keeps spitting steam all over me!- I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as Nespresso coffee pod recall service, but even if there was then I doubt whether it’d be worth the hassle of contacting them and asking for help.

I guess by now you should have a pretty good idea about what these machines are like to use and how much they cost (and where). And although at first I thought that they were pretty cool, after reading this article and looking more closely at their prices then I’d say that it’s probably best to stick with something else.


The Nespresso Essenza Mini is the perfect coffee maker for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious espresso at home. This brewer’s compact size and sleek design make it a great choice for any office, kitchen countertop or dorm room that doesn’t have much space available. It also makes an ideal gift! Whether you want rich flavor paired with convenience in your own home or are looking for an excellent present idea, this small-scale espresso machine will not disappoint. If you want more information on how to get started brewing like a pro!

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