Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee?

Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee?

The Mormon religion is a culture like any other. With their own traditions, beliefs and customs. One of their most notable differences from our society at large is that they do not drink coffee or tea. They use substitutes such as hot chocolate and herbal tea for the caffeine fix instead. The reason behind this prohibition on coffee and tea? Mormons believe that these drinks are addictive substances with harmful side effects to your health in excess, so it’s best to abstain completely rather than have an occasional cup here and there like the rest of us! I’m curious about what your thoughts are on this belief system – let me know in the comments below!

Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee

The Word of Wisdom

The LDS church follows the belief system of The Book of Mormon, a book of scripture that contains continuous revelation. They believe the Holy Spirit communicates with people all the time. On February 27, 1833, Joseph Smith, the prophet, received an unexpected manifestation of God’s insight to help him live correctly.

This insight was recorded and incorporated into Doctrines and Covenants of Christendom. These insights are known as the Word of Wisdom. Although it may seem like an apocryphal tale, Joseph Smith is believed to have asked God for guidance on the subject of tobacco. The revelation included guidance regarding the use of “warm drinks,” “strong drinks”, wine and herbs, as well as information about how to smoke.

A Word of Wisdom for the benefit of the council of higher priests, assembled at Kirtland and the church, as well as the saints of Zion-

To be sent greeting, not by constraint or commandment, but by revelation, the word of wisdom, which reveals the order and will God has for the temporal salvation all saints in these last days

This principle is a promise and can be adapted to the needs of the weakest saints who can or should be called saints.

Behold, verily, the Lord unto You: I have forewarned you and warned you about the evils and plans that exist in the hearts and minds of conspiring men in these last days.

Inasmuch that any man drinks wine or strong liquor among you, it is not good. Your Father will only see your gathering together to offer your sacraments.

This should be wine.

Strong drinks are not for your stomach, but to wash your body.

Again, tobacco is not for your body or for your belly. It isn’t good for you. However, it is a herb that can be used to treat bruises and any sick cattle.

Hot drinks are not good for your body or stomach.

Verily, I repeat unto you that all wholesome herbs God has ordained for the structure, nature, use of man-

Every season’s herb and every season’s fruit; all to be used with prudence, thanksgiving.

Coffee and tea were the most popular hot beverages of the day. This was a significant dietary shift for Joseph Smith’s contemporaries the Mormon Pioneers.

Are Mormons averse to coffee?

The short answer to this question is “no”. Mormons have a strict policy against drinking coffee. We now have to ask the question: Why? Can Mormons drink caffeine? Is green tea also allowed?

Most people understand why religious texts prohibit alcohol. However, it is difficult for many to understand why Mormon households don’t allow coffee.

These questions can be answered by going back to 1833 when Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, received guidance from God regarding a variety of health and diet issues.

These insights were later recorded in the Word of Wisdom. It commanded that alcohol and tobacco be forbidden. The Word of Wisdom also says that hot drinks are prohibited. The most popular hot beverages at the time of revelation were tea and coffee.

Tobacco, alcohol, and tea were all considered to be harmful for the health. Mormons have avoided tea, coffee, and any other hot beverages falling under this category since then.

Why coffee and tea should be avoided?

Mormons agree that they should abstain from coffee and tea. It is all about religious laws. Others may see the benefits of living a clean, healthy lifestyle, which is what the Mormon faith emphasizes.

The Word of Wisdom speaks similarly about a ‘promise,’ which promises that those who adhere to these restrictions will be rewarded in the form of wisdom, good health, and vast knowledge. Many Mormons believe that giving up these things is worth what they get in return.

It is equally important to consider their religious identity. This sets them apart from people of other religions and strengthens their identity as members of their community and followers of the Mormon Church.

Caffeine: Is it the Culprit?

Many people believe that LDS prohibits coffee and tea. Caffeine is a stimulant, which stricter orthodoxies view as equally harmful as intoxicants.

People who drink caffeinated beverages can also find them addictive. This is why Mormons should abstain from coffee or tea.

In this vein, Word of Wisdom scholars also agree that green tea is not allowed. Anything made with traditional tea and served hot, is usually out of bounds.

Mormons can also drink sodas, and eat chocolate or other foods that have small amounts of caffeine. Even more, the Church clarified its position by stating that coffee is allowed.

It seems that the caffeine content is also an important factor. They do not recommend high-caffeinated energy drinks but they don’t have an issue with hot cocoa.

Personal interpretation is important. Modern Church leadership has banned iced coffees and teas as well as vaping, and recreational marijuana. However, there are many gray areas that have not been ruled on.

Is it possible for Mormons to drink coffee-flavored food without actually consuming caffeine? Is decaf coffee allowed? Decaf coffee is also high in caffeine, so why are they not banned?

Followers of the Church can use the Word of Wisdom as a guide. While some things are prohibited, others are permitted. The rest is up to the individual churches, families, and even individuals to decide.

Mormons may drink sodas as they believe they can, but others don’t. Many Mormons avoid all coffee-related items, even decaf flavored desserts. Some even avoid drinks that contain trace amounts of green-tea extract.

What do Mormons drink instead?

You might be curious about what Mormons can drink, given all the talk about food restrictions. Except for alcohol and tea, Mormons can drink virtually any other beverage.

Postum, a caffeine-free roasted grain beverage that was popular in Mormon coffee circles, was once a popular alternative to traditional Mormon coffee. This drink was considered a healthier option to coffee in the 20th and 21st centuries. Although it was discontinued in 2007, you can still find it in grocery stores. It is made by a different company than 2013.

Mormons also consume herbal tinctures and teas (tisane), that do not contain caffeine. They also consume juices, smoothies and shakes. Although there is some debate about whether carbonated drinks and sodas are allowed, most people consume them in moderation.

Pero (ground roasted barley), chicory root, and dandelion coffee are some other unique beverages that Mormons enjoy instead of coffee. Regular tea can also be substituted by five flavor berry tea. Pero, although less well-known, tastes almost identical to coffee when sweetened with sugar or with milk.

What if Mormons drink coffee?

Are they kicked out? Online research shows that it is unlikely that a Mormon will be excommunicated if they are caught with coffee. They will be told that they are not worthy to enter the temple, and they cannot have the spirit with their bodies.

If an active member of church tries to convince others that coffee or tea is okay and that its wisdom is wrong, that is where the problem lies. It’s not about drinking coffee; it’s about faith.

We’re going to share a devotional article about coffee with you today. It may take a while to digest, compared to other articles about bulletproof coffee. After reading this article you will feel more grateful that you can enjoy your coffee without feeling guilty.

Are Mormons really so strict about coffee drinking?

Based on the Next Mormons Survey:

40% of subjects (including millennials, Gen X-ers) drank at least one cup of coffee in the six months preceding the survey.

38% of respondents had consumed at least one habit-forming substance in the six months preceding the survey: tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

52% of Gen X subjects didn’t find it necessary or desirable to follow the Word of Wisdom.

So a quick answer is: No. The survey shows that there is a lot of leniency in regard to the Word of Wisdom. Even rumors have coffee being banned, but we don’t know for certain!

Other Mormon Religious Restrictions

We have already answered the question, “Do Mormons drink alcohol?”. The answer is yes, because Mormons don’t consume coffee, tea, or any other intoxicants. In certain Mormon churches, energy drinks that are high in caffeine are prohibited. Drinks like Coke are also discouraged.

Many people are still unsure what Mormons are not allowed to do besides stop drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages. They are also forbidden from gambling or any other untrue and honest dealings with money.

Mormons are advised to eat less meat and to eat more vegetables. Profanity and crude language are discouraged. Occult practices are also prohibited.

While medical marijuana is legal, recreational use of cannabis is not allowed. Similar to the Mormon Church, it also prohibits the use of legal or prescribed drugs. E-cigarettes, vaping, and tobacco are also prohibited.


The Mormon religion does not allow caffeine in their diet, and as a result of this restriction there are many unique coffee brands that cater to Mormons. Though it may seem like an odd choice for the lifestyle, these companies have found ways to make delicious coffee without any caffeine or other stimulants.

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