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What is Lifeboost Coffee? Read Full Reviews before Buying – Lifeboost Coffee Reviews

Finding and choosing for themselves the most aromatic and quality coffees will bring about exciting experiences for coffee lovers. Previously, this job took a lot of time and effort. There are already several coffee brands that have confirmed their differences. One of those brands is Lifeboost Coffee.

This Lifeboost coffee review article will bring you detailed perspectives and get you the dynamic and creative experience of this coffee market. It is biggest highlights that you can consider are the roasting technique and natural coffee bean origin.

Lifeboost Coffee Reviews

Indeed, the introduction of Lifeboost marked a new turning point in the impressive roasting technology of the coffee bean market. It will be deplorable if you are addicted to coffee beans but have not tried this unique product.

What is Lifeboost coffee?

Lifeboost is one of the leading premium coffee companies. They are always looking for ways to provide users with the best quality products. And Lifeboost coffee is also the product that makes up the brand of this business. Researched and developed by Dr. Charles Livingstone, this is one of the most naturally sourced coffees from Nicaragua’s fertile mountains.

He is a madman pursuing the philosophy of producing clean coffee from the raw material to the production process. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the chosen planting area in Nicaragua’s mountains. Because of this, Lifeboost has received more and more support from users, who always value the quality of raw coffee beans without preservatives.

The most outstanding coffee feature lies in its exceptionally high bacterial contamination standards, acid residues, and other chemicals.

What is the difference between Lifeboost coffee and other brands?

Much different from other brands in the market, Lifeboost coffee focuses on clean, natural ingredients. This company pursues the most philosophy of creating products that do not pose a risk to the user’s health in the short or long term. Specifically, you will not have to worry about residues of pesticides, antifungal agents, and microorganisms when using this product.

In particular, this coffee is grown under shade, which can reduce the amount of organic acid and prevent the final nut product from being genetically modified.

Lifeboost Coffee flavor specialties

The most crucial point of any coffee is its taste. In general, the flavor results from various complex processes, from raw material farming to roasting. Lifeboost coffee has a strong flavor and is not bitter. However, how great it also depends pretty much on how you brew it during brewing.

How is Lifeboost coffee made?

All the seeds are native to the Nicaragua mountain range, where the weather characteristics are perfect for growing coffee. In addition, all the coffee trees here are planted in the shade all the time. This can be the coffee brand’s competitive advantage over other products on the market because it increases the coffee flavor.

At the harvest season, the berries will be picked and carefully selected through a systematic screening process. The selected beans are subjected to a rigorous 26-hour fermentation to retain constant moisture content. They are then washed and sun-dried until they reach the minimum moisture content for 1 month. And lastly, they are carried through a closed roasting process.

In short, Lifeboost is the most naturally processed to ensure its pure taste. Of course, the farmers here are working with a standard procedure and improving their productivity. The income is also significantly higher than the general level. In other words, they are well paid for their efforts.

Lifeboost also added extensive mycotoxin control procedures to each of its shipments. They take care of each batch and will not allow any to ship if it is of poor quality.

About the company

This is one of the leading coffee raw materials companies with many years of experience. Their coffee comes directly from the healthiest and safest source of ingredients.

This company offers several products as follows:

  • Coffee roast types from dark to light
  • Coffee contains high levels of caffeine
  • Coffee has intense flavors such as coffees, spices, and pumpkins
  • Lower espresso coffee

However, no matter what type of coffee, there are various options for you, including roasted coffee or ground coffee. Of course, the company also offers wholesalers a preference for selecting and subscribing to bulk to receive price incentives.

Where to buy Lifeboost coffee?

There are many places for you to choose from to buy their coffee. First, you can go straight to local stores to get their products at the convenience. Several wholesalers have placed Lifeboost products on e-commerce platforms, so you can also opt to use online services to get better discounts on prices. In addition, you can directly contact the company’s website to place orders in bulk.

Lifeboost coffee review: Classification

Standard roasted coffee

This is a baked coffee that suits the needs of the majority. With this type of product, you will feel the basic taste, not too many impurities. The purity in the original taste always appeals to many people. Therefore, you can choose this product as a premium gift for many of your friends on every momentous occasion.

To the naked eye, light roast coffee has a more golden color. When tasted, you will feel that its acidity is higher, and the coffee taste is much more natural. For those of you who regularly drink instant coffee, you may not be able to keep up with such natural coffee taste. However, try this coffee at least once in your life to know what pure coffee is. It is worth the money.

You can also rest assured with the caffeine content in it as light roasting can minimize the caffeine loss.

Medium roasted coffee

This is a coffee bean compound that ensures no genetic modification, low acidity, and a unique woody flavor. The products you hold in your hand are handpicked for the highest purity, washed, and exposed in a closed process.

With this product, you can achieve a certain balance between coffee taste and color. This is also the best nut for you to prepare a variety of beverages. This is because if you use black roasted nuts, you will not be able to prepare drinks that require a lot of heat. If you use lightly roasted coffee beans, it may take more effort to re-roast for a perfect dish.

Dark Roast

This coffee bean gives you the most decadent flavor and a more incredible sweetness than any other bean. This grill is incredibly delicious when it is properly matched with the cream cheese ice cream. The nutrient content of black roasted coffee beans is significantly higher than that of other coffee beans. Thus, you can create a long-lasting delicious aftertaste that is entirely worth trying.

The form of the beans is similar to the other nuts of this brand. However, this black grill does get a much deeper and sweeter smoky flavor. So, if you are in Portland and prefer a strong and robust coffee, this may be the right choice.

Espresso coffee

This type of coffee has around volume and is quite well balanced. It seems to feel more prosperous and more facey than other coffee beans. Specifically, you get several options like chocolate and fruit flavors. It has a pleasant taste and is unique. In addition, it also has a degree of acidity from a little to a lot, comfortable for you to choose and enjoy.

Biotics Brew coffee

This is the lowest acid coffee you can get on the market. Therefore, it will not become sour when left outside for several days. You also get a nutrient system rich in oxidants, which in turn boosts the immune system in your body by 7-46 times compared with regular coffee beans. Comfort and deliciousness will be what you will feel after enjoying the taste of this Biotics Brew.

If you are looking for a thrill to drink coffee, Biotics Brew will not disappoint you. This coffee is prepared in the form of dry ground beans and aged for several days. Therefore, its degree of fermentation is highly appreciated. You can enjoy one glass of Biotics Brew with a little cream cheese to add a rich flavor to your drink.

Caramel Macchiato coffee

This is a favorite coffee bean for many people who really need to lose weight or are in the process of abstaining from calories or sugar. It combines the delightful sweetness of caramel with the richness of the traditional vanilla flavor. If you like to enjoy the light and not too salty coffee, you might consider choosing this product.

It is often used in luxury receptions, where you cannot be sure of a customer’s coffee preference. In this case, choosing such a coffee can help you in tasting your diners’ tastes.

French Vanilla

True to its name, this Lifeboost coffee product gives you a lovely feeling and keeps the flavor on your tongue for a long time. Its colors are extremely bright and plentiful. This is because it has the perfect combination of natural aroma and real coffee, which is not found in other low-cost coffee brands.

You can use this coffee on romantic dates or interesting music concerts. It will help people talk to each other in a sweet, comfortable, and informal way than before.

The highlight of this product is its natural flavor, which is not diluted by any impurities. Therefore, you will enjoy the most authentic sweet aftertaste.

A passionate kiss of French vanilla perfectly enchants our Premium Lifeboost Coffees for a bright and refreshing beer! French vanilla has a delicate but very authentic taste with a moderately balanced amount of flavor, with no ordinary overly sweet artificial flavor that other cheap coffees have.

Lifeboost coffee review: Advantages and Disadvantages



Lifeboost Coffee’s packaging is always highly appreciated. It is glued, and the moisture cannot easily get in. Its design also makes it easy to open and close. Of course, not every bag of this brand has the same design form. Sometimes they have a few differences in different types of coffee beans. For example, black roasted coffee beans usually don’t need an overly sealed bag design.

The packaging design is also very luxurious and polite. Many people choose this coffee to use because of its quite friendly packaging.

No harmful chemicals

Lifeboost has always pursued its philosophy of making sanitary products. They have raised the quality of Lifeboost coffee with the successful application of technology to remove harmful chemicals that are leftover from spraying pesticides and fertilizers.

The company also tries to eliminate chemical exposure during coffee bean cultivation. Therefore, they are always confident about the safety and toxin content of their final product.

Origin of coffee beans

With inexpensive brands, the coffee bean’s source is often not from a clear source. Specifically, brands can import fresh coffee beans from Southeast Asia or South America at low prices. From there, they can lower the cost of the product significantly.

However, Lifeboost is not like that. They built a vast crop of croplands in a hi-tech agricultural park, which received full certification for the output’s safety and cleanliness. Since then, this company has increased the core quality of the product. You can rest assured to use the beans they make with their commitment to premium product quality, which has been affirmed over coffee production years.

Also, this coffee growing area is protected by the government. This means that the coffee plant will not have to be exposed to toxic external environments during its growth.

Manual selection of coffee beans

One of the outstanding advantages of this coffee local is its handcrafted selection. Specifically, farmers in raw material growing areas select and classify the best products entirely by hand. Therefore, the damaged beans will be removed from the shipment. Only healthy, watery coffee beans are retained. At the end of the collection process, all qualified seeds are washed and dried according to the 3-level clean procedure.


Product information is not clear

The descriptions of taste and feel in many products are not accurate. This somewhat hinders the users who want to know exactly what it tastes like.

Of course, taste and taste are abstract concepts, and perceptions are different. However, the lack of details regarding the products is being reported regularly by users. This accidentally creates a large barrier for those who are new to the brand and have never tried it.

In particular, the company can make a strategy to promote its products on the e-commerce floors or the company’s official website. They can fully utilize these portals to deliver information to users the fastest.

Brand consistency is not respected

As mentioned, the product packaging is beautiful. However, you can easily see that these Lifeboost products are not consistent in logo and color. In other words, the brand awareness of this product is deficient. This can interfere with consumer visualization and significantly disadvantage brands. On the other hand, they are also straightforward to be copied in the market.

Also, many details on the packaging can be improved to make them more uniform, making it easier for readers to identify the company’s brand. Specifically, the text could be written larger and the logo placed in a more frontal position.

Is it really worth it?

In short, this is a coffee bean with all the qualities that are very good for a premium coffee and high quality. Specifically, you will have some certifications such as clean and environmentally safe products when buying this product.

In addition, it is also a famous coffee brand with the lowest residual acid content on the market, which makes the flavor more affluent and not sour or bitter. Of course, it’s also good, especially for those who have had a stomach ache for years but still want to enjoy pure coffee.

Indeed, Lifeboost is not in the low-cost segment, so it is not suitable for low-income people. However, in terms of the correlation between price and quality, Lifeboost is a product worth the money for those who love its coffee purity and originality.

The manufacturer’s purchasing policy is also very open. You will be exchanged for returns after 30 days from the date of receipt. Therefore, if you try it without really feeling it, you can ultimately return it to the production site.

With Lifeboosst, you not only buy simple caffeinated coffee, but you also buy their clean technology and 5-star quality of their beans. You absolutely can choose cheaper coffees, but one thing is for sure that you will miss out on coffee that is extremely safe for your health and mind.

LifeBoost History

Lifeboost Coffee was originally created as an experimental beverage for the Company Warriors. The first test batches were made on a small scale and then distributed among volunteers to test the effects of Lifeboost on their bodies and minds.

The results were astounding: physical endurance was increased by up to 80%, mental stamina improved beyond measure, and even psychological disorders such as depression disappeared completely.

Many of those who had volunteered for testing reported feeling powerful, invigorated, and positive about everything around them. They became highly productive workers without any need for sleep or rest, which gave the company executives another idea — why not sell it to the public?

According to preliminary research, Lifeboost’s benefits can be felt with just one cup per day — making it extremely popular among those who suffer from time constraints and health issues.

In a few short months, Lifeboost Coffee became the most popular beverage in the world, with over 90% of citizens partaking on a daily basis. Some even say that it is addictive — not only because of its powerful effects but also due to its rich, full-bodied flavor.

LifeBoost’s Effect On Humans

As explained above, Lifeboost Coffee increases physical and mental stamina by almost 80%. Because of this effect most users find themselves becoming productive for over 14 hours per day without any need or desire to sleep or rest.

The most common side-effects reported by long term users are:

Increased irritability and aggressive behavior after withdrawal (more than 48 hours with no coffee)

Decreased sex drive and low sperm count (after 10 weeks with no coffee)

Insomnia after withdrawal (at least until the third day without coffee)

Loss of memory and difficulty focusing on tasks, high levels of fatigue (after 5-7 days without coffee)

Memory loss, hallucinations, psychosis (over 2-3 weeks with no coffee). Addiction. Extreme Vomiting afterward.

These effects were reported by long-term users of Lifeboost Coffee or those who had taken more than one cup per day for a period longer than 3 months. They may not be experienced by casual Lifeboost drinkers — but only time will tell if they are immune to its addictive properties and long term side-effects as well.

Materials To Brew Your LifeBoost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee tastes best when made from 100% Arabica beans. The grounds should be coarsely ground and then boiled in water for 5 minutes. The resulting mixture should not be filtered, as the coffee particles serve as a natural stimulant.

Brewed Lifeboost can be kept fresh in a closed container for up to one week before it begins to ferment and lose its potency — making it much less effective after this period of time. If you want to make sure that your coffee is always at full strength, brew only as much as you will need per day or even per week.

  • Optional Ingredients

Lifeboost Coffee by itself has been known to cause serious health issues such as addiction and extreme depression if constantly over several months without any time off. Some companies have begun to add small amounts of Lifeboost to their drinks and meals as a “treat” every once in a while, generally on a weekly basis. This way users can still enjoy the positive effects of Lifeboost without suffering from its negative ones.

In some cases, large quantities of caffeine can lead to serious anxiety and may require medical attention.

The following optional ingredients are the most commonly used:

  • Milk – for those who cannot stomach black coffee or just want something more filling
  • Sugar/Honey/Syrup – for those who find it too bitter without anything added
  • Creamer – for those who need cream in their coffee but don’t want all the fat and calories associated with whole milk
  • Other – including fruit, chocolate and other sweeteners

Be creative! The number of possible combinations is limited only by your imagination!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Lifeboost Company Sell Pre-Ground Beans?

Lifeboost Company does not sell pre-ground beans because of their concerns with freshness and potency. The whole process of making Lifeboost Coffee is extremely complex, time-consuming, and requires the most sophisticated equipment available on Earth to meet their high standards.

The company’s official stand on pre-ground beans is that they are less effective than freshly brewed coffee due to their lack of freshness. They go as far as recommending against purchasing any pre-made foods or drinks which contain Lifeboost unless you know where it came from.

Do Lifeboost Company Have Flavored Beans?

Lifeboost Company does not manufacture any flavored beans. They recommend against adding any artificial flavors to their coffee, as they tend to mask the original taste and make it less effective.

Do Lifeboost Company Use GMO Beans?

Lifeboost Company guarantees that all their Arabica beans are sourced from farmers who do not use or grow genetically modified crops of any kind. This fact is printed on every package of Lifeboost Coffee sold in retail locations across the country.

Does LifeBoost Company Have Any Recalls?

The manufacturer has never issued a recall for any of its products despite the very strict safety guidelines they have in place for its ingredients and manufacturing process. The company is committed to producing safe, high-quality products which meet or exceed FDA regulations and is willing to go through independent third parties to prove it.

Does LifeBoost Brand Work Well With Sugar, Creamer, Or Milk Add?

The vast majority of Lifeboost Company coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black, preferring to add sugar or cream themselves. However, many others claim that using one of the above ingredients with the product will not reduce its potency in any way. You can try it out yourself and see which way you like best!

What Guarantee Does The Brand Offer Its Customers?

Lifeboost Company is committed to customer satisfaction and goes out of its way to prove it. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked, on all purchases made in retail stores across the country.

What Grind Texture Should I Be Aiming For When I Grind The Beans?

It is recommended that you use a medium/fine grind texture for your beans. This should ensure the most balanced flavor and provide the highest potency possible.

How Is Lifeboost Coffee Made?

The process of making Lifeboost coffee requires high pressure, high heat extraction equipment not available to consumers. However, this does not stop people from trying to imitate it at home!

Many avid fans of coffee have tried to brew their own batches of Lifeboost at home using basic kitchen appliances such as French presses or percolators but many find that these techniques do not yield satisfactory results compared to the original product.

What Coffee Grind Texture Should I Be Aiming For When Brewing?

The most common grind texture used with coffee makers is a coarse grind, but this is not always the best option. The ideal coffee grind will release flavor over a certain time frame while avoiding any bitter taste, which can affect the potency of Lifeboost.

How Often Should I Drink Lifeboost?

Lifeboost Company recommends that their consumers drink one cup every morning with breakfast for maximum effectiveness. Some have reported good results drinking it more often, but be mindful of your caffeine intake if you are sensitive to caffeine.

What Caffeine Level Does LifeBoost Have?

The exact caffeine content in each serving size varies depending on the type of bean used and its level of ripeness at the time of harvest. However, it has been determined that there is slightly more caffeine in Lifeboost coffee than in regular brews.

Can I Drink Lifeboost If I Am Pregnant Or Nursing?

The official word from Lifeboost company is no. They recommend waiting until after childbirth to begin consumption of their product due to the high caffeine content which can have adverse effects on unborn children and infants. However, many have used it with positive results while pregnant or breastfeeding so you can always try it out yourself if you are not concerned about the long-term effects of caffeine on your baby’s development!

Are There Any Side Effects To Drinking Too Much Lifeboost Coffee?

Drinking too much of any caffeinated drink has side effects which include jitters, uneven heart rate, nervousness, and anxiety. Although these symptoms are not usually life-threatening, it is always best to drink in moderation so you do not affect your ability to focus on daily tasks!

What Are The Reported Benefits Of Drinking Lifeboost Coffee?

It has been reported that many of Lifeboost’s benefits include increased energy levels, less stress, improved mental clarity, healthier skin appearance, healthier hair appearance/texture, weight loss, and a boost to metabolism!

Is There A Difference Between The Two Types Of Beans Used In Lifeboost Coffee?

There used to be two versions of the beans sold, Arabica and Robusta but they have since discontinued selling Robusta.

What Is The Difference Between French Press And Percolator Brewing Of Lifeboost?

While both of these methods yield a cup of regular coffee, they have been known to affect the flavor over time. Since Lifeboost is meant to be consumed in one sitting you will get higher quality flavor by using a method that prevents loss of flavor!

Can I Lose Weight Drinking Lifeboost Coffee?  

Yes! Many users who drink Lifeboost regularly report weight loss, which can also lead to increased confidence levels and improved self-esteem since they have a more fit appearance.

What Is Lifeboost Coffee Made Of?

The main ingredient of Lifeboost coffee is the organic Arabica coffee beans that are used to make it. These beans are specially selected for flavor and chemical properties before being ground, roasted, and packed with nitrogen gas to preserve freshness.

Is LifeBoost Coffee Safe For Children To Drink?  

No! It has been reported many times over by reputable sources like medical professionals and mothers alike that children should not be consuming caffeine at all under any circumstances due to its adverse effects on brain development in young people!

How Long Does A Pack Of LifeBoost Coffee Last?

According to Lifeboost Company’s official records, one pack should last about two weeks for an average family which drinks one cup every morning and another at night before bedtime. This number may vary depending on how much you use per day and how often you brew fresh coffee each day.

Where Can I Buy Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee can be bought in any large grocery store or convenience store across America. It is sold throughout the year regardless of specific month or holiday. There are many other places in which you can buy Lifeboost Coffee throughout the year, including major sporting events and large entertainment conventions.

Are There Any Competitors To The Brand?

Lifeboost Company is aware of other coffee brands which may make similar claims, such as Donkey X (Donkey) and Zinger (Kneegrow), but it stands by its claim that there is no other product on Earth today that works as effectively for boosting life energy levels and mental alertness among adults and children alike.

Does LifeBoost Give You Energy Or What?

Life boost did not exist 5 years ago and has only been tested on a small group of people; however, we cannot answer this question with certainty because we haven’t yet seen a study that says that Lifeboost is the best. In 2011, it was found that children who suffered from ADHD were able to focus better after drinking just one cup of coffee.

Do They Have A Decaffeinated Blend?

Lifeboost has one decaffeinated version of its coffee, which is known as Lifeboost Decaf. Many people do not like the idea of drinking decaffeinated coffee but if you are amongst this group we highly recommend trying it out!

Does Lifeboost Give You The ‘Bounce’?

While it is very unlikely that drinking any cup or can of regular coffee will give you the power to jump over buildings in a single bound, there been several reported cases where children who suffered from ADHD were suddenly able to focus more after drinking coffee — this includes Lifeboost.

Is There An Official Lifeboost Coffee Diet?

While there are many “Life Boost” diets on the internet, none have been made by Lifeboost Company. We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any weight loss plan, especially if you are currently on medication or have preexisting medical conditions.

Can I Drink Lifeboost With Alcohol?

You should not mix alcohol with caffeine in general since it will adversely affect your ability to function normally while intoxicated. It is possible that some people may be able to drink a sip of Life boost without bad effects but we do not recommend this! The choice is yours and yours alone!

Is It True That Drinking Lifeboost Coffee Makes You Live Longer?

While we do not recommend drinking large amounts of caffeine for purposes of living longer, there have been reports that coffee drinkers live slightly longer than average. However, this correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

What Flavor Is The Coffee When You Make It At Home?

Lifeboost Company recommends mixing one part traditional blend with two parts decaf mix to achieve the same taste and flavor as the canned version. We also recommend adding a small amount of vanilla extract to make the drink even more delicious.


Above is our entire Lifeboost coffee review. We hope, through this article, will help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of this premium coffee. From there, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. Good luck!

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